Finally, I've managed to finish my "Multiple Exposure workshop" in English. It was a long work not only because I should translate all the information (what was actually not easy), but to arrange all my knowledge about this technique. I've been shooting this method more then 5 or even 6 years, everything I talk about in this video is my own practice and experience. I can proudly announce that this is the most huge and full source of knowledge about multiple exposure. Step by step I tell everything you should know if you want to try this method. We start with a history and cinematography, then I tell about different ways of getting M.E. image, about exposure, lightning, corrections, composition and so on.

From this video you'll know:

  • About the history of technique. Spiritual photography. M.E. in cinematography.
  • Two ways to create M.E. on film. Advantages and disadvantages of both methods.
  • Exposure. Exposure latitude. Correction and when do we need to use them. Aperture.
  • Visual mess. Accent. Main object.
  • Black and white on M.E. method.
  • Multiple exposure on film and digital.
  • Spontaneity or forethoughts.


!! Please pay attention that this video is about M.E. on 35mm type film. !!


After the order, you'll get an instruction for getting an access to the video. 


The price (minus taxes) is equal of one roll of portra film so purchasing this video you support me and my art. 

Hope you'll enjoy it and this video will be helpful for your future work.

All the best)

Multiple exposure workshop