I'm very happy to finally announce my workshop about color correction in Lightroom. 

In this video I'll show my "kitchen" of color correction process. I will tell about basic instruments and results you can achieve. 

This workshop will be great for beginners or those who doesn't feel experienced in Adobe Lightroom. It may be interested for those who want to see the process of my work. 

Also I show some retouching tips in Adobe Photoshop. 


I don't explain any color concepts in this workshop and do not explain why do I choose this color or another. This is a technical workshop, not philosophical. The process in this video is my step by step work with editing the image. 


This workshop may help you to get a good foundation for further exploration in color correction. You'll know all the basics that are necessary for working with your images. 

Color Correction in Lightroom

$30.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price