My name is Polina Washington. I'm a visual explorer from Russia, Saint-Petersburg. 

Graduated as a director of photography from University of Cinema and Television - 2009-2014

Author of the book "Vision" 2018

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2009 - Bar “London”, Velikiy Novgorod, Russia

Solo exhibition.

2010 - “Atonality”, exhibition space of "Atelie" bar,  Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Solo exhibition of black and white photo works.

2010 - Solo exhibition in bar “Chinese Pilot Jao Da", Saint-Petersburg, Russia  

2011 - member of street photography exhibition of contemporary photography, New York, USA

2 works.

2013 - Double exhibition with an artist Dima TRS in bar  “Garage”, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2017 - “Chromateque”, member of the exhibition, Irkutsk, Russia

2017 - "We The Living", group exhibition with "Solution" project. Saint-Petersburg, Russia